Perhentian Islands, Malaysia Travel Guide

Visiting the Perhentian Islands is like taking a step into an exotic and rare paradise, and it is the ideal place to reconnect with yourself and nature. For a long time, Perhentians have been a popular Malaysia beach destination but were once a break in the long journey between Malaysia and Bangkok.

Perhentian Kecil is the busier and rowdier of the two islands. This small island fills up very quickly during the busy season. Perhentian Kecil is divided into two beaches: Coral Bay and Long Beach. Long Beach is the island’s primary destination with more accommodation, more nightlife, and nicer beaches. Coral Bay is more relaxed and offers lower prices for food and accommodation. Coral Bay is a great place to be for glorious sunsets while Long Beach is the perfect place for socializing.

The other island is Perhentian Besar, sometimes called “the big island”. This island appeals more to couples, families, and those travelers on a slightly higher budget. Perhentian Besar is more relaxed and quieter than Perhentian Kecil. There are many luxury bungalows operating like small resorts on this island and the accommodations include air conditioning and private bathrooms. Teluk Dalam is one of the three main beach areas on this island and it is a secluded stretch of white and clean sand. Love Beach is a rocky stretch of sand and is more of a gathering place for those looking to socialize.

Your tour of the Perhentian Islands starts on the Peninsular Malaysia northern coast – the two islands are located here. The islands are joined together in pristine white beaches, and there are no roads to get from one place to the next. If you want to visit other parts of the island, you can hire water taxis or take the pathways through jungles.

The Perhentian Marine Park is home to some of the world’s best diving. The park is protected nationally, so activities like fishing, jet skiing, and waterskiing are prohibited in the immediate area. These clear and quiet waters are the ideal place for you to photograph some of the sea life and snorkel through coral reefs.

Once you are out of the water, your sightseeing of the Perhentian Islands will reveal a relaxing and simple lifestyle waiting for you. Several accommodations are on the beach, so you can walk straight from the water into your accommodation. Go for a hike in the jungle or stretch out on the sand with friends and family. Remember to return to the shoreline in time to see as the sun go down. This is one of the most stunning scenes you will ever see.